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Monday, August 11, 2008

Moving house and starting a new book!

Hello hello. I'm pretty psyched as I just moved into my new house today. Yay! I have fantabulous housemates who are lots of fun. I have to say I'm feeling very welcome!

Still have some heavy lifting to do tomorrow, but that's cool. I have lots of people willing to help.

I'm looking forward to my placement at a primary school for the next 2 weeks - well, 5 days over 2 weeks with some grade 1 and 2 kiddies. :) I hope it'll be lots of fun. I really enjoyed grades 5-6 so we'll see how I go with the littlies!

The Melbourne Writers Festival is coming up and I'm volunteering there, which is really exciting. Bit of a drive on the weekends, but still. It'll be great. And no sooner will that be over than I've started helping out in the hair and make up team of a local musical theatre production.

Plus I have a couple of assignments to do somewhere in there. I'm going to have an extremely busy, but fun month or so.

Ooh! And I quit my job today (2 hours per week, was earning about $25 per week so I really wasn't gonna miss it) and not 20 mins after the end of my last shift, I was hired elsewhere. Mail delivery 1 hour per day, earning $22-23 per HOUR, so my income has quadrupled. Nice. :)

I'm currently plotting out the chapters of my new book "The Himbo's" about a power pop band on tour and the price of fame and lots of juicy stuff like that, and I'm having a ball scouring YouTube for behind the scenes footage of some of my favourite bands, for inspiration of boys being boys. I'm now living with some pretty rowdy ones so I'm sure they'll be inspiration enough!

C'arn the Aussies in the Olympics! Woot!

Better get to work,



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