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How to Read eBooks without an eReading Device

So you've seen I write books. eBooks. But you don't have a Kindle, or an iPad or any of those pricey (yet totally awesome) gadgets and they're the only way to read eBooks, right?


You can read eBooks on your computer, your smartphone, iPod Touch, tablet...anything that has apps, really.

There's an app for that.


Amazon has a huuuuuuuge ebook store, which they have named after their eBook reading device: Kindle.
If you don't own a Kindle, in order to read a book you have bought or grabbed a couple of free sample chapters or snapped up a totally free book, you need to download the appropriate app for the device you want to read on.

Go to the Kindle App page and download the app that's right for the way you want to read.

However - Amazon's Kindle format of eBook is unique just to Kindle devices and apps.

So if you buy an eBook from, say, Smashwords, ITunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or Readings and pretty much every other eBookseller, the eBook you purchase will be in the file format 'ePub' which needs different software in order to read it.

Get yourself a copy of Adobe Digital Editions, which is your virtual library for ePub eBooks.

There are millions of amazing ebooks on the interwebs, and if there is a print copy, often the e-version is a lot cheaper!

So have at it, book lovers! Go find an amazing book today!