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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Screnzy....mwahaha!

Screnzy's on, people!!

Okay so the mwahaha was maybe a bit of overkill, considering it's more of an exciting thing than an evil thing. But it just felt right for some reason so I went with it. Now I've wasted a precious few seconds of your life with my rambling on about somethng not even minutely important. And now I've wasted a few more seconds...moving on.

Screnzy, woo! Last year's Screnzy didn't go so well because I had an extremely stressful April. But those issues are long gone and I think, aside from the masses of assignments due this month, it should all go smoothly. Plus I'm not as stressed? Ya wanna know why?
Because I'm cheating.
I'm actually using the imposed deadline of Screnzy to finish a screenplay I started writing two years ago. And it was coming along pretty well, too! All in all, as half a first draft's go, it's a pretty good one. So I'm finishing it. I have 48 pages written, and have 30 days to write another 52. I think I can do this. Less than 2 pages a day, I mean, come on!
However, I have been sitting at this computer for probably 2 hours now and have become extremely absorbed in FaceBook, email and other people's blogs. And through other people's blogs I applied to a couple of literary agents. So it's not like I was TOTALLY unproductive.
Anyhoo. Screnzy.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I don't think MJ is a pain in the arse. I like her, and you are right, you have captured her voice.

    I'm glad your Mano piece has some promise and wasn't as bad as you thought.

    I haven't really tried to tackle my 08 Nano yet. You have inspired me to have a proper read of it at lest.



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