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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mailing my passport to Canberra

I mailed my passport to Canberra yesterday. And I don't like it. Not that I've had my passport for that long - we're talking about 6 weeks - but mailing it AWAY from me when I leave the country in 7-8 weeks? I feel naked.
It's supposed to take about 5 weeks from the time they GET my UK Visa application (application to visit the UK, NOT application for a UK credit card, like SOME doofuses I know thought) but then there's the mail GETTING there, and then it getting mailed back to me, and if something is WRONG with my application? I'm totally terrified I'm not going to get it back by the time I'm supposed to be flying out.

Plus there's the headache of discovering AFTER booking my flights, that a student visa only lets you into the UK within 7 days of your course starting, and you have to be out within 7 days too.
Yeah erm, silly me wanted to TRAVEL so I booked to arrive 3 weeks early, and I'm supposed to leave NINE days later. I have some changes to make, but I'll worry about that a little later.

At present, it is that ever so fun time of a student's life - EXAM SEASON! YAY! I'm hoping you're sensing some irony here.
Actually, it's nice to not have classes and such, but I know everything?
Stupid me is spending the most time studying for my 100 MULTIPLE CHOICE exam, and not the written ones. 
I'll get there.
First exam in 2 days. But I think I'll be alright for that. Just need to brush up on what was going on in the news in March-April and I'll be fairly good.

On the writing front I have news to report but don't want to jinx it so won't tell you yet. Sorry. 

I gotta say, it sucks when you get OUT of writing mode, doesn't it? Like when life gets in the way? Or gazillions of assignments and social events?

Well I'm out of writing mode at the moment, and I'm wanting to kick myself into gear, but at the same time, I really should be studying for exams. Not writing. So I'm in limbo with the whole writing thing right at this minute. But when exams are over, I'm deadlining myself to 1,000w a day until I leave which is's a lot of words. And considering the one I'm writing is a Middle Grade book then I may even finish it - JUST before going away.

Okay lovelies!
I must go and crack those stupid books. Don't get me wrong, University is great. But you've gotta, you know, STUDY...

Buh bye,


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  1. Good Luck! with the study the exams the visa and the writing...
    I know the space you are in for writing(oooooooh same....)
    and for the publishing course good luck...remember for a writer everything is research!(pity we can't claim it as such on the tax...) Keep us updated on your travels so we can live vicariously...


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