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Saturday, January 9, 2010

London & my new love

It just happened. It wasn't supposed to but it did.

Hi everyone. My name is Sarah and I am a total theatre addict. Since I discovered such a thing as half price theatre tickets? I'm obsessed. I love it. The shows are amazing. I was in London for 5 nights with my friend Bec. How many West End musicals do you reckon we went to? 5. FIVE. Well I went to 5. She went to 4 plus a comedian. Love love love it. Expensive habit though, the theatre, even if they ARE half price. Yikes.

I've been interested in writing films for a couple of years now, and have a couple of scripts under my belt but was never into plays. But now I have another new passion. I like to think of myself as versatile.

It's amazing how inspired I was in London. I DID do other things in London as well, don't worry. I went to Kensington Palace, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market, Harrods (never seen a department store like it!) the London Bridge Experience - not even REMOTELY what I thought it was going to be - The Tower of London...lordy...I went to lots of places. And was INSPIRED. And was snowed on.

Yesterday afternoon nearly the ENTIRE of a brand spanking new idea poured out of my head and into my computer in synopsis form. And it's COMPLICATED. And it just...yeah. Really. It DID pour out of me. Not something I'd been ruminating on, but an idea I only got yesterday and it came out nearly fully formed.

I think it would make a really good play. I think it would make a good MUSICAL. But I'll need to find someone to collaborate with on the music side of things. I don't have character names yet, but I definitely have characters arcs and needs and I wrote right up to the third act climax but couldn't finish cos I had to go the theatre. :D

So you wanna know what I saw?

I honestly don't think I could pick a favourite. I was most looking forward to Hairspray and I loved it, but the set design and utilisation of the stage area in Dirty Dancing was SO clever and dancing phenomenal, and Legally Blonde was even better than I thought it was going to be because the actress who played Elle was absolutely ADORABLE in the role and I'd never seen anything like Avenue Q where you have the puppeteers on stage in plain view and you start merging their facial expressions with the puppets...and I mean, I'd never seen muppet sex before. That was definitely new. Though We Will Rock You definitely wasn't my favourite of the lot, the scenes with all the rebels were so fun. The baddest, heaviest metal man there ever was, "Britney Spears" was my favourite character, but the evil Queen lady? She's sure got a set of pipes on her. Wow what a voice.

Maybe that's it. Having seen so many different shows, I'm realising just how versatile theatre is and that there's so much creativity and so much you can DO with it. It's exciting.



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