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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stick em up! I'm a Fightin Bookworm!

Well my edits are going well, but it seems I have developed a stupid habit. I did it when originally writing Life was cool until you got popular, I did it with my NaNoWriMo book, Miss Jem's Blogiverse and here I am doing it again.
When I get right near the end of my work, with 1k, maybe 2k to go, I slow down. Or stop for a bit.
I'm very close to finishing my edits, sending it back off to Allen & Unwin and then getting back onto my other book, but I've temporarily stopped writing. Okay, so it's been 2 days. It's not a drama, and I'm definitely going to hit the deadline. But what do you think...stage fright maybe?
Actually, I do have a little bit of research to do, and I can't get hold of a copy of A MidSummer Night's Dream the DVD which is frustrating. Yes. Watching a DVD is the homework I have. It's either that or decoding the original Shakespeare text.

I'm close to finishing up my summer job, which leaves me with a month off to get cracking on my writing, and become a poverty stricken bum again.
I'm looking into rectifiying the poverty stricken bum situation.

I've come up with a brilliant idea, and source of income, which is to hold Writing Workshops for years 7-10 students in my local area, for those that are interested.

I have a qualification, I'm in the process of getting another one, I've been published a handful of times and have a book in the "we liked it so maybe" pile at a publishing house.
And I've got heaps of ideas for activities.
I just need to work out all of the logistics, like organising an ABN as well.

I'm actually attending 2 workshops in melbourne, today and tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, but I'm not into the train journey. I hate public transport. I should really use the time to people watch though, shouldn't I. And eavesdrop. "I may just do that. Or sit with my diary in hand and try and organise the remainder of my week.

Onto other stuff, as you would have seen above, I'm a Fightin' Bookworm now!

I've been a member of the free e-zine for awhile, but made the plunge and am now a paid member of the Children's Book Insider. And it's great, the website is full of heaps of informative and interesting stuff and the part I particularly like is the forum, where I can communicate with other writers. A couple of us have developed a critiquing group. I know a lot of writers, myself definitely included, tend to write in a bubble. I'm the only writer I know, and I get a bit of grief for it. "God, you write EVERY day", "you're ALWAYS writing" and stuff like that. And I live in my own little world as well. My mother actually bought me a magnet that says: "I live in my own world, but it's okay. They like me there".
I'm reading Terry Brooks' book on writing, and apparently he very much lives in his own world too, so I don't feel weird anymore, I feel like a writer.

Alright, must go. Don't want to miss my train into the city for my workshop!

Til later.



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