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Friday, May 15, 2009

Feeling like Big Kev

I feel like Big Kev today. Do you wanna know why?
Cos I'm excited!
For some reason the picture of Big Kev isn't uploading but you Aussie's out there will know what I'm talking about. But unlike Kev, I'm not excited by cleaning products. Why AM I excited, you ask?

I started my next book today. Yeah. You read correctly. The battle is over, one character is sitting on her arse in the dirt giving the other, victorious character a steely death glare as she raises her fists to the sky in celebration. And she's being written about as of today.
It's going to be slow, because I've been itching to get writng and haven't done as much planning as I need to, and really I don't know anything about guitars yet - but I will - but yeah. The point is that I am no longer a crazy lady being bullied by two figments of her imagination.
It's all okay now.

I am however having major career dilemmas. As I am not a fantabulously popular, thousand upon thousand book selling author as yet, I need a day job. And I'm just not SURE that teaching is it for me.

I love books and reckon I'd be happier somewhere in that industry.
So I need to have a good proper think about whether or not I stick out my current Uni course or scrap the lot and start again.

I'm not in LOVE with teaching, but there are more jobs in it than there are in publishing. And if I did get into publishing, even though I love books and writing and writers, would I become all disgruntled and unsatisfied in my job because I'd be helping other writers get published and not myself?
Frankly I just want to be happy in my life and career. I guess the only way to really ensure that is to keep writing and BECOME that fantabulous best selling author I'd like to be, where I'm comfortable enough financially from writing that I don't need the day job.

One day it's going to happen. But in the mean time...

But anyway. I started my new book today, so I'm excited.


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