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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm being bullied by my characters

Yes. I've decided 'to hell with it all, I want to start my next book'.
Good thing right? Well...
The MCs of 2 different book ideas are ganging up on me!
They both want to be written first. Now. 
There is of course, MJ. I know her well, the little brat. But she doesn't have a huge amount of plot. Like the big story arc plot that propels the book along is what's missing here. I have lots of smaller plots, but not that BIG one I need for her.

And then there's Nameless Girl (See, I don't even know her name!) who sure has a plot. She has a doozy of a plot, and the book even has a NAME, (why don't YOU try it, MJ?) but I don't know this character, or her supporting characters nearly as well as I know MJ and her world.

So it's a dilemma.
Okay, I'm gonna try and coax some of those plot bunnies out here. See if I can plot out MJs book, and then I'll grab some character dinosaurs and see if they can help me figure out who this Nameless Girl really is.

Dammit. I wanted to start NOW.


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