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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smelling is believing

I was in the bathroom yesterday, doing a bit of personal grooming, and I sprayed myself with a perfume I hadn't used yet.

While in New York, my sister and I went to Victoria's Secret and they had a 6 for $36 sale on perfumes so we ended up with a collection of those little white tester sticks anyone would have been proud of. We could have built a fort.

Anyway, I sprayed myself with this perfume that I hadn't used but oh did my body remember it. I was instantly taken back to New York and Victoria's Secret and all those aromas and scents, spraying a bazillion tester strips and not remembering which smell went with which bottle, so having to test them all again. And sniffing too hard so that the smell hits the back of your nose in an eye watering painful way. And how warm it was inside but how cold and snowy it was OUTSIDE. And just me hanging out in the Big Apple with my big sister. I was IMMEDIATELY taken back by the spray of a perfume.

As writers, sometimes we can forget about all those other senses, that don't involve seeing things.
But as I fully realised yesterday, the other senses can be just as powerful.

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