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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where did I put that...

Okay so um, my notes from the big grand finale of Express Media's YA mini-festival, which consisted of a panel with Steph Bowe, Lili Wilkinson and Penni Russon seems to have gone walkabout.
But I hope it comes back soon.
In the meantime, Lili posted something on her blog that she also talked about in her session, but really, there was so much knowledgy goodness crammed into that session that I couldn't talk about it all in one blog post.

So I direct you to Lili's blog, where she talks about characters and Wanting stuff Vs. Needing stuff. It's good, so go check it out if you're interested.

In the mean time, shall we all look under couches and on top of the fridge for my notebook? Please don't tell me your dog ate it...

Tomorrow I'm going along on an excursion with the first years to sneak a peak behind the scenes and meet the staff in the Junior Fiction and YA department of Allen & Unwin. I'm bummed Eva won't be there (who I have talked about in a couple of posts and look forward to one day meeting because she sounds like a woman of supreme awesomosity and she gave me such great notes on that book that time) but I know it'll be an interesting day.

And then NEXT week I start my two week placement with Black Dog Books. By November I'll be so full of industry secrets I may just die.

Now lets all stop stalling and start hunting. "Heeeerrreeeee notebook!!"


1 comment:

  1. Heeeeerrre noteboooooook.

    Looking forward to hearing about the placement--the bits that aren't top secret and classified publishing world info, anyway!


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