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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge Reception

On the one morning I was running late and literally threw on anything to wear, I received a wonderful surprise as part of my placement with Black Dog Books this week, and scored an invitation to the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge Reception at the National Gallery with Publicity guru Jess, in which there were primary and high school kids, their teachers and parents there to receive awards from the Premier himself, John Brumby. And there was media there, oh yes. The media were representin' too.
Some of the kids were too adorable and I must say I was a bit inappropriate when they went on stage and, though I clapped, really I just wanted to pat some of them on the head. Especially that little guy. But I didn't. I was a representative of Black Dog Books. I was all poise all decorum all the time, baby. Even if I WAS wearing odd socks.
Jess and I met several important people from the Education Department (whose names I have unfortunately...erm...forgotten) and even some of the Reading Challenge Ambassadors that were present. Jess and I joined the queue of kids and had a chat with and posters signed by these and other wonderful Australian childrens writers and illustrators.

I was especially excited to meet Michael Panckridge as I had JUST finished reading one of his manuscripts that morning. Weird coincidence if you asked me. And it was cool to meet Carole Wilkinson because, if you recall, I attended a fascinating, informative workshop with her daughter Lili recently. So I told her as such.

In the next post, I will talk to you all about my experience with the slush pile...from the OTHER SIDE.

Oh! And if you wander on over to Black Dog Books author Shirley Marr's blog

you will find us discussing what we like and dislike about being a Pantser vs Outliner when it comes to writing. And our warning to all kindergarten/primary schoolers to never accept the role of Mama Bear in a play. The role is cursed, we can both vouch for that.



  1. Gosh, you got to meet Graeme Base? I'm such a dag, I adore his books. Every time one of my kids has a kid, I buy Graeme Base books as a present. I just found them so magical growing up. Still do!

  2. I know, me too! I LOVED Animalia as a kid. Going to the reception and meeting these fantabulous people was an unexpected perk of the job. :)

  3. I wish to meet Graeme Base. And say to him "Graeme, thanks for being there during my formative years" and then probably stare at him awkwadly. I remember being in primary school and deciding to find every single item on each of the alphabet pages of Animalia and after weeks of work - I believed I had them all. I mean, I was going to send it in and ask "Mr Graeme, did I get it right?" and "ps - one day when I grow up and become a writer, do you think you will draw the front cover for me?"


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