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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad stuff happens in threes, right?

So I'm going through a bit of a "don't let Sarah touch your computer, she'll break it" phase right now.

My lap top's power cord is busted so I sent it away to get fixed. It's cool, I still have my 3 month old netbook, it's shiny and new and a novelty so I do most of my work on that anyway. I can totally get those last four assignments for the year done. It'll be fine.

Yeah well while the laptop was away my computer is hacking its guts up because it sure has one doozy of a virus.

But I managed to back up all my documents onto the usb drive on my key ring, so it's fine. It's still good. I don't physically have a computer of my own to use but I could use somebody else's (like my sister's right now) if I could get my hands on it. I'm getting the assignments in. It's happening.

And then my usb drive fell off my keyring and disappeared into oblivion.


I'm currently working two jobs, (as Maryann at Black Dog Books said the other day: "This is Sarah, she was here on work placement but she just never left") and GETTING MY ASSIGNMENTS DONE.

My sister found the USB though - thank God it fell off in the house. But my bad computer karma is over now right, that's three. It has to be over. And let's not mention the fact that Black Dog use Macs and I'm a PC girl through and through (how do you use a Mac, anyway??).

Anyway, sorry for the no new expose's. I'm a little tied up.

I have lots of things to tell you about the fabulous Ford Street Press book launch for The Glasshouse by Paul Collins, illustrated by Jo Thompson. It was lots of fun and I met some fab people. I was the sales department. But I'll tell you all about that later.

Oh! And I found the notebook! So there are writing pearls of wisdom from Steph Bowe, Lili Wilkinson and Penni Russon coming your way.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine if you're in the southern hemisphere like me, or the cold and snow (if its started) up north. I can't believe it's that time of year again.

How are you NaNoWriMoer's doing?

More later,


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  1. I feel for you girl. I'm a mac girl and I'd hate to rub it in... but I've never had a single problem (scrambles around for wood) :P

    I'm looking at what Ive done for NaNo and I'm pretty sure if I give it to Melissa she will send me straight to the psych ward....


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