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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ford Street Books and Sarah: Sales Force Extraordinairre

I can't believe it was nearly a month ago but it appears it was. 
After my last day as an intern with Black Dog Books (but before I started my temporary work with them) I started the first part of a placement/internship/work attachment with Ford Street Publishing. The task for the day was to run a successful book launch for a beautiful new picture book, The Glasshouse text by Paul Collins and illustrations by Jo Thompson. 

I was the sales force, in charge of the money and the merchandise.
I have to admit, I haven't been to many book launches, but the ones I have been to in the past were boring. I learnt that I did not like book launches. Since The Glasshouse launch I've changed my mind though. I met so many fantastic people who love writing, love illustrating or just love reading! It felt like the Aussie kid-lit crowd all turned up. I was among kindred spirits, you might say, so  I definitely want to go to more launches.

The launch of the book about a girl and her pumpkin growing glasshouse was held at the end of October (clever, right? Because of Halloween?) not in a bookstore, but at Prahran Market which was a creative choice in venue. Families were already out in force, enjoying their Saturday morning together, therefore the launch attracted parents and kids (sometimes kids without their parents, and the odd dog) to just wander over and check out what was going on since they were there already.

The speeches were a bit hard to hear over the noise of shoppers shopping, especially as Paul was ill so couldn't speak loudly if he wanted to. I think a microphone is all they need for next time.

There was supposed to be book-signing after the official launch and speeches but guests just couldn't help themselves and as soon as I sold them a book or two they had to get them signed!

Above is some of the artwork from the picture book, and paper pumpkins for the kids to have a crack at making! (Photo courtesy of Megan Burke)

And here are Paul and Jo (Photo also courtesy of Megan Burke). 

All in all, it was a great day with great people. I am taking a bit of a break after finishing up with Black Dog Books, finishing my assignments and finishing my novel. Getting into my summer job routine and then I'll be heading back to Ford Street for more learnings! And either revising a novel or plotting my next one.

Ciao for now,



  1. Oh, that sounds like the MOST fun! Take me next time, I'm an excellent mingler!

  2. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, Amie - I'll totally let you know when I go to another one!


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