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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sarah Billington eBook Project OPEN!

So I thought I'd tell you about this thing I'm doing. One of the things I'm doing.
I've been UNOFFICIALLY doing it for awhile now, but NOW I have a website. And nothing's real unless it's on the internet.

Really, you're too kind. Those fireworks...oh you spoil me so.

Sarah Billington eBook Project Management (ePM for short) is the grouping together of all the services I offer:

Manuscript Appraisals
Manuscript Editorial (Structural/Copy/Proof reading)
eBook formatting
Cover Design
Query letter assistance
Teaching Writing or eBook formatting (in Melbourne, Australia unless you want to fly me somewhere) and of course,
Project Management

What is eBook Project Management, you ask?

Well it takes a lot of people to bring a book to life. The author, (if they choose, the manuscript appraiser), editor, cover designer and eBook formatter.

A project manager is one person who works on all of these aspects. It helps the author because one person is connecting with them, their work and their vision for their work on a deep level. I'll get to know it inside and out and help craft a spectacular (and professional) book. By having the manuscript appraiser edit the book, your editor can tell what has been improved and how much deeper the book is, and how to get it closer to what you hoped it to be. By having your editor design your cover, you aren't giving a stranger a copy of the blurb and hoping they'll put together something right - the editor/cover designer knows the tone and feel of the book and what will reflect what's inside, as well as being visually appealing to attract readers.

I offer all services individually, at affordable prices, and look forward to helping more writers achieve their dreams.

Soon I shall also be launching Billington Media - my Business/Sales/Academic writing editorial business. There are all sorts of things on the horizon!

Check out the site, give me a shout if you think I can help, and if you know someone who needs me, I don't mind you talking about me. I ENCOURAGE it. :)

Later, lovelies!


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