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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The being drawn!

Bonjour lovely ones!

How was your Christmas? I am still in the place of four legged friends, lots of sleep and patchy internet access! Where is that, you ask? My parents house by the beach!

There was the Christmas Day lurgy, and my sister's trip to the emergency room on Boxing Day...but all in all a great holiday! Nothing a cuddle with a dog can't fix. Or crutches.

I loved reading all your entries to the blog hop competition, it's a shame it's over, isn't it?

I shall do some calculating while twirling my moustache and who entered which competition and within hours (or longer depending on internet access) the WINNAHS AND CHAMPEENS will be announced!

All winners are also entered into the Holiday Hop GRAND PRIZE competition for a Kindle Fire!

I want in on that one, myself.

Stay tuned!



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