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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Hop Giveaway WINNERS!


The numbers have been crunched. has been consulted...and we have some winners!

Giveaway #1: Friendship on Fire by Danielle Weiler, paperback and .PDF ebook

The winner of the paperback book is


Congratulations, I'll be in contact soon to snag your postal address!

The winner of the .PDF eBook is:

Denise Z.!

I'm gonna skip ahead now to Giveaway #4 - a professional edit of the first 25 pages of your manuscript (if you have one, of course)!

The winner of the free edit is...

Teressa Oliver!

I look forward to helping you with it!


Why did I skip over Giveaways #2, the Sarah Billington and Giveaway #3, the Edwina Ray ebook packs? 
Because it's Christmas, I'm in a giving mood. So the winner of the Sarah Billington and Edwina Ray ebook packs are....


All entrants in the Holiday Hop, if you wanted prize pack 2 or 3 or BOTH - it's yours! I hope you enjoy them.

Email me with the subject "I'm a winner of the (Sarah Billington/Edwina Ray) ebook pack!" with the name you entered with and I'll send you a coupon code so that you can download the ebooks in the ereading format of your choice.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. And good luck to ALL my winners, it's not over yet! You're in the draw to win a Kindle Fire!

Sparkly and awesome: The Kindle Fire

Love Sairz

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