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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well Release Day kind of came and went without much fan fair, didn't it? That's okay, as I figure there was plenty of fan fair the couple of months leading up to release day.

So without further ado, The Kiss Off is out in the wilds of the interwebs!

Meet Poppy and her besties and a pretty hot rock band, Academy of Lies over at Amazon!

Or perhaps Amazon's not your scene, it's pretty crowded over there so maybe you think it'd be better to chill together at say, Smashwords.

You DO need a membership to enter both of those venues. But come over to my place, (my website) and you and Poppy and the gang can chill, membership free!

That's a roundabout way of saying you can buy the ebook from my website. I really appreciate when readers make a purchase from my website, as I get a much higher cut of the profits than anywhere else. But by all means, shop where you like to shop!

It will be available at Barnes & Noble, Itunes, Sony, Kobo and Diesel as soon as it filters through the pipes there, and the paperback is coming to Amazon, Book Depository and goodness, I don't know where else, soon!

Soon I will tell you all about three...wait...four. FOUR new stories that are coming soon!

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That's it for now, cheerio, mi amigos!


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