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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fears and Free Stuff

One of my short stories, The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab is FREE on Amazon TODAY. AND TOMORROW. AND THE DAY AFTER.

It's free until the end of May 3rd.

(It currently has a different cover, but will swap over to this one any time from now)

I really like this story, especially since it's based on a true story.
Though the fictional account is a comedy, if this were to happen to me, I would be screaming my guts up and possibly crying and huddled in the furthest corner.

I have a fear of crabs.
And crustaceans. And spiders and all creepy crawly kind of things with lots of scuttling legs.

AND CHECK OUT THOSE PINCERS. I have a fear of those, you betcha. I would NOT successfully sword fight a crab under a bed (read the short story).

So, as much as I like my story, it also makes me uncomfortable because it makes me think of things I'm scared of.

What are YOU scared of?

Another free thing that I'm totally not scared of is the YA Taste Test ebook sampler!

Go forth and grab your free copy in kindle, epub, pdf and more from Smashwords RIGHT NOW. It's  chock-full of excellence, I swear.

That's it from me, today. The Kiss Off Tour is going splendidly - go comment on the blogs and WIN THINGS.

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& Official Release of THE KISS OFF



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