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Friday, April 27, 2012

Lucky Seven!

Hello my preciousi!
Preciouses? Preciousi? What exactly is the plural of precious? 

Moving on.

The tour has started, and I am so pleased that The Kiss Off is getting some super-fab reviews.
I'm def. looking forward to release day on May 15!
But I'm not talking about all that today.

I was tagged in a Lucky Seven post by lovely YA Taste Test author (the sampler with awesome books by awesome authors I'm part of), Melissa Pearl! This is a fun meme where you must post an excerpt from one of your books and this excerpt has to be seven sentences, lines or paragraphs from page 77, seven lines down.

So! Page 77, 7 lines from the top of The Kiss Off in which you find Poppy double-booking herself.

“Bring them to the club! I mean, if you want to.”
“I want to!”
“Really?” he said. “You sure?”
“Yeah. I’ll talk to them, it’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to it.”
When I called Vanya, there was a different opinion. “What happened to girls night?” she asked. “‘Just us three hanging out, no boys allowed’?”
“I know, but-”
“You’re going specifically to see Ty, Poppy. Ty is a boy.”


I tag:

1. Shirley Marr!
2. Amie Kaufman!
3. Meg Spooner!
4. Edith Cohn!
5. Erin Fry!
6. Angela Townsend!
7. Veronica Blade!

Why do I tag these perfect people? For selfish reasons, really. I want to read their extracts!

What's your weekend looking like? I'm going to the ice hockey! And celebrating the ability to breathe through my nose, a skill which one entirely overlooks until you have a cold and simply can't do it anymore.


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