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Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Birthday!

It's my birthday this month! April 19th, to be precise. And I will be turning a very decided SOMETHING in the twenty-something turn of phrase.
I have a friend who, two years ago, gave me a "Happy 80th Birthday" card. Last year he told me "Happy eighty-first birthday." He seems to remember my faux old lady birthday but I don't think he has any idea how old I ACTUALLY am. I must say, I'm curious as to what he'll wish me this year.

Anyhoo. I'm looking forward to my birthday. I'm going to have a Murder Mystery party, methinks. You'll find out more about that later.

Presents are accepted and heartily encouraged.

I discovered this AWESOME SHOP online. So this is what I would like:

Do I seem to want them all? Yes. Yes I do.
These tee shirts and other awesome stuff can be found at Out of Print Clothing. You want them too, don't you.

Yeah, I know you do. Let's be tee shirt buddies!


  1. Hi Sarah, those are AWESOME tees, I think I will try to get the animal farm one. Happy Birthday!

  2. I had to laugh at your friend knowing your faux birthday age. My Grandma was always 39. It was such a well known joke, we even had her age listed as "39" in the obituary when she died. I was amazed the paper let us do it, but all of her friends laughed.


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