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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Doing Things!

As a student, writer and work-from-home small business owner, I spend a lot of time at home.

Since this became my lifestyle, I have become quite determined, quite passionate about GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE. Plus when it's hot (like it is today. Summer came back for a visit) my office gets too hot to work in so yay for excuses to join the human race!

I went to the Victorian Roller Derby (come on Toxic Avengers! Why are they my favourite team? Because they have the coolest logo)

I bought the tee shirt

It's comedy festival time, baby! I'm going to 4 shows. 2 down, 2 to go!

I'm becoming a semi-regular at the ice hockey, and am definitely looking forward to the season starting up again.

I like to go on Ghost Walks and Tours because they are creepy (and educational!) though I haven't done one of those in awhile...

I have a weekly standing date with a girlfriend to go to the gym and try a different class. I had no idea I would be SO SORE after Body Balance. And I'm looking forward to flailing and jostling and never feeling MORE like a white girl when I try Zumba.

I saw the How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular! which was pretty awesome for the special effects and playing with perspective, but also a bit of a let down because there were so few Vikings they couldn't get even close to filling up the stage area.
But, I mean, it had big shoes to live up to. How to Train Your Dragon is a favourite.

Tomorrow I'm going to Luna Park! 
Not at all creepy-looking, right?

This is pretty much what my day will be like*.

*If this was a goes upside-down rollercoaster then there's
no freaking WAY this is what my day would be like.

And after editing, editing, editing this morning, I'm off to the pub for a writing lunch date with one of my favourite people. Then back for editing, editing, editing some more! (FYI - I don't do liquid lunches, editing clients you need not be worried!)

See you all later!


  1. I'm a writer, too, so I know what you mean about making a point to get out of the house. But, wow! When you get out of the house, you get out of the house! What fun places!

    I usually just go to the library, the store, or for a bike ride. I need to find more exciting places to go.

  2. Ha, yes - when I go out and do things, I do things HARD, huh?
    Glad to know someone who gets it, the need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSEness. I think it's out of my system for now. I'll probably be a homebody again for a month. Which is actually pretty good for productivity. :) Thanks for visiting!


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