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Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for free BOOK!

The Witch's Curse is FREE right now until April 3 on Amazon!

In this new short supernatural thriller from Amazon Best Selling author Edwina Ray, when fifteen-year-old Alex is caught out in the secluded forest admiring the giant ancient tree set in a moss-covered clearing, she is sure Josh is pulling a prank on her.

Be careful of the witch's curse, he says. The tree has the power to kill you in the most horrible of ways.

Alex didn't believe him.

Maybe she should have.

Get it at Amazon US and Amazon UK


"Great pacing, mood, atmosphere and crisp writing. I love this story." - Shirley Marr, author of Fury and Preloved, Black Dog Books

"The writing is delightful and the tension is set up from beginning to end. It's the kind of psychological mind-f*** that leaves you wondering..." - Heather Marie Adkins, author of Abigail, Underneath and The Temple

"This dark and wonderfully creepy! I love your writing style, very clean, compelling and top-notch" - Heather McCorkle, author of Channeler's Choice and Born of Fire

"I thought that every angle in the zombie genre had been explored. I was wrong, as you have proven in an original and hilarious way" - Vincent Cleghorne

"Edwina Ray's stories keep you guessing until the very end, where there is always an element of surprise. This book `The Witch's Curse' is no exception. It will leave you saying `I didn't see that coming!'" - Vikki Barker

So you can get your copy NOW. Don't have an ereader? You don't need one. Check out the tab up the top about how to read an ebook without an ereading device. There are SO MANY great books out there to choose from. 


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