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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekly Giveaway! Ba(n)d Romance

Do you like giveaways? I do. And there are so many awesome and easy ways to win AWESOME stuff!

For the next 14 weeks (as long as I remember to) I will be giving away one of my ebooks each week! 

This week, it's Ba(n)d Romance!

Jordan thought she and Paul were forever. Then she found out about Missy: Paul’s other forever.
Now it’s the night of the sophomore dance. Jordan’s on stage with her band, Paul’s text bombing her and Missy’s in the audience with murder on her mind. Unfortunately, it’s not Paul in Missy’s sights.

Another short and sassy story from Sarah Billington

Did you enter? Good luck!

There are a heap of other comps to enter so make sure you go hopping and check out the others!


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