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Monday, October 27, 2008

By writing I get fit

I really must be in the zone, I'm updating this thing all the time. It's official - my writing brain is switched on!

I'm doing lots of thinking about the plot for my novel, and I find that walking around the soccer pitch which is about 5 minutes away is such great inspiration.
Yes it sounds dull, but I'm not finished. When I was writing my first book mid this year, I'd go for walks there and just ponder, stare into space (that's what's so good about the oval - nothing to fall over unless you count your own feet. Actually I did fall over once, but that's not unusual for me lately. I'm not counting that time, anyway) and think, let the characters tell me what's going to happen, how to get past problem scenes. After awhile it started to be as soon as I hit the pitch the ideas started coming.

Well yesterday I went for my walkies (clearly I have dogs), cos I'm a bit tense about the book I'm going to write for NaNo. I've probably already posted this, but it's more serious than I'm used to, and hell the main character is alone for a good solid chunk at the start and hmm...I'm not that in love with it.
But yesterday on my walk some little tidbits came to me about how to make it funnier. A bit lighter. Still with some darker stuff going on, but more me. Woohoo! This was after I relegated the back quarter of the pitch to the birds that were swooping at me and telling me to bugger off in no uncertain terms. When I wasn't worried about a gaping head injury, then my characters started talking to me.

Need need need to do my character profiles. Helps to have a WORKING printer...
4 days til NaNo! Not to mention good ol' Halloween. Jeez, reckon it might get a bit rowdy here, considering I live on a Uni campus and all. Maybe not cos a lot of people will probably have gone home.
Eep. Must get dressed and go to work now.


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