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Friday, October 24, 2008

The kindness of strangers and other stuff

People surprise me almost every day.
Like strangers. They don't know you. They have no reason to care. Why should they stop when at dusk, one finds their car, after having skidded out of control (it's a dirt road, and there was a build up of sand) into an embankment, the car's face in the dirt and bum in the air. Why should they stop and help?
Well they did. While I was on the phone with RACV trying to get across that I was surrounded by bush on all sides and really it was a couple of kilometres walk to the nearest cross street, 3 cars slowed to see if I needed help and after I got off the phone with the RACV one car stopped and decided it was worth a shot them trying to help me get out of the ditch. What troopers. All of them! And they DID get me out of the ditch. As soon as it was done they patted themselves on the back for their good deed done for the day and continued on their merry way. I love that amidst the crime and crap, there are still good people who do the right thing because it's the right thing.

There was a puppy hanging around Uni the other night, so I called her owner and took her home. I guess I'm a good person too. :) Hell, honestly it's the only thing I would have done. I would have taken care of her until she was safe and home again, regardless.

I've experienced the kindness of strangers a lot actually, which might be why I never really see the bad in people until it's pointed out to me by others. I'm not the most trusting person in the world, and I do have a touch of gullibility about me (okay, they are sort of contradictions, aren't they? Oh well. Sue me for thinking people don't lie to my face! My housemates take advantage of that. Revenge would be sweet if I ever did that sort of stuff).

Anyhoo, I had a car accident a couple of years ago, just me and my dog Tessa - my best friend in the whole wide world (and she's still my best friend, so foresee a happy ending, guys) and she was asleep beside me and when I hit the erm...milk tanker truck...she was thrown into the dashboard. Thinking along the lines of "What the f did she hit me like that for?!" as soon as the doors were open she shot out and ran down the country highway into on coming holiday traffic. This was a couple of days before New Years.
Well we put posters out in the area and went from one farm to the next, and before we got to the second one the bush telegraph was well underway. They'd called ahead and soon everyone was on the look out for my Blue Heeler. A man who saw the sign in the pub called to see how I was, had we found her etc. He sympathised because he had some Heelers and knew just how special those dogs are.
Finally she was found (hiding under the house on a farm we'd been to that day) and she came home waggily tailed, smelling like cow poo having had a fantastic adventure (after the initial shock of it all). But yeah, the police from the accident scene were checking in, having a bit of a scout for her and the whole community were pleased for us, that we were reunited again. Kindness of strangers. They really went above and beyond. The community of Bass, Victoria - I salute you, and will never forget you.



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