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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wait...younD adult extraordinaire?

I JUST noticed right then that I am not a young adult writer extraordinaire, but in fact, a youngD adult writer extraordinaire. To me, that's a whole different kettle of fish. What the hell's a YounD? New word. Needs a definition.

I've been scowering the NaNoWriMo forums, finding some fantabulous sounding people that are plotting, and have already written, fntabulous sounding books. I want to scoop them all up and be friends with everyone and collaborate with some so that we can be fantabulous together.

I loved what Rachel Cohn said about writing with David Levithan, how they wrote a chapter and sent it to the other, and then they'd write a chapter and send it back and it continued like that. It was free, and unstructured, and it worked. Twice! So I'm hoping to find me the perfect YA writer to collaborate with. But in letter and Blog form. I reckon I should give it a bit of leeway and we can have some real honest to god scenes in there as well.
Two characters who live in different places, with different social circles, but are friends. These are their stories. Wow, I could almost hear the whole NYPD Blue music then. But maybe that's just me.

So it's official, people, I am totally NaNo-ing it. Yes, my last exam is on the 3rd of Nov, and I should probably do some study for that. And yes, I have to pack up and move house, and yes, I have to get my old job back and start working pretty much full time again, but bloody oath I'm gonna NaNo like it's nobody's business! If I don't hit 50,000w I'm not worried. If my book is complete at 45,000w then woohoo! I finished the book! Whatever happens, I want to finish the book.
Good luck to me!

On Friday night I have the Book Launch of Offset Literary Journal which I'm being published in. That's right, watch me swagger. Hope it goes well. And hope my sister doesn't freak when she reads the story which is basically about what a little terror she was as a kid. Hehe. Welcome back to Australia, babe!


Sairz (who is no longer a YounD Adult writer extraordinaire.)


  1. Hey! I found your blog via the NaNo Young Adult forum and have enjoyed reading your posts. That's exciting that you're at the agent-querying stage with your chick lit novel. Good luck with it!

    I've bookmarked ya so I can keep up with your posts during NaNo. I also write YA!

  2. Hey Sairz,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I added you as a buddy on the NaNo site too! I'm ChickLitWriterGirl on there :)

    I like your idea of collaborating with someone on a novel... Nick & Norah is on top of my to-be-read book pile because everyone keeps telling me how good it is!
    I'm afraid I can't take on any more writing at the moment though. I'm snowed under with work, and seriously worried about how I'll find the time to complete my own NaNo, let alone write with someone else as well! But it sounds like an excellent idea - I hope you find someone to write it with!

    And that's so awesome that you're querying agents! Hope you find someone soon!
    And good luck with your NaNo. Do you know what you're writing about this year? How are you doing with plotting? Better than me I hope!

    Take care,


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