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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ain't the government grand...sometimes

I'd heard about this little christmas gift to the impoverished masses that Ruddy's handing out - a cool $1000 to you and you and you...and not me. I didn't expect I'd be getting it, my parents are cos they're pensioners and retirees and stuff. I'm a student. What do we need money for?
Well yesterday I heard rumours that some friends of mine from uni got it...and today I called up Centrelink to find out and lo and behold I'm RICH!
Tomorrow I get my $1000 smackers into my bank. The whole idea is to spend it, boost the economy, keep our shop keepers from tearing out their hair.
I've been stressing a bit because I'm not saving too speedily for my upcoming international soujourn (sp?) next september. So it's kind of between FINALLY getting myself one of those fantabulous flat screen TVs I've been wanting for years (and my parents just bought one, which we all have done a collective: "ooh, isn't it clever" sigh before I never get a chance to use the ruddy thing) or the money goes into my overseas trip erm, keep international shop keepers from tearing their hair out.
Sorry Ruddy old chum, I am SO grateful for the Christmas gift - better than anything I expect to receive - but I hope you understand the emotional well being it has afforded me, if not helping our economy.
So yeah, I guess the decision has been made. Into my savings account it goes. Might even pay for my Visas, how very exciting.

On to other news, my family homestead is occupied not with tradies any longer, but with its family. We're back in, still boxes everywhere and manuals are very much in use to work out how to use the appliances - yes, you need to read the manual to use the oven, but still. We're home. And all my books are back. Sigh. It's so nice to see them. And my DVDs. I loves my stories.

Speaking of stories, I pretty much think I have two or three paragraphs to write to finish Miss Jem's Blogiverse, but with the move and me coming down with this WRETCHED cold, and my mattress being on the floor and not having a chair at my desk and sort of being out of the writing mode...I haven't done it. As soon as I write those paragraphs I can start the next book, and that might be what's holding me back. This one needs a bit more work done before the writing process begins. And I guess, I've seen the opening couple of scenes in my head so much that I don't want to do a shoddy job when I write it. But it's cool, it'll get started. Before New Years I will have 5,000 words done on my next book, and will have finished at least ONE of my assignments for my certificate III. And I won't have this bloody cold anymore.

Speaking of cold - what happened to summer? I'm wearing my big fleecy dressing gown around the house.

Tonight is my first shift back at my summer job after eight months away. I'm pretty psyched, but would be happier if my eyes and throat weren't stinging and my nose wasn't acting like a faucet.
Ain't I a charming lass? I'll leave you with that lovely image.



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