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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few of my favourite things: Musical Theatre

Over on Teen Fiction Cafe this week, Sara Hantz discussed her favourite musicals. I realize I don't really talk about myself other than my writing on here much anymore and my bet is, if you didn't see those posts a year ago about how I spent 5 nights in London and went to the theatre on the West End *cough* 5 times, you probably don't know that I love love love me some musical theatre.

I loved In the Heights so much that I had to see it BOTH TIMES
I was in New York. I'm so psyched for the movie.

So here's my Top 10 List, in no particular order, mind you:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (movie)
Avenue Q
Legally Blond
In the Heights
West Side Story (movie)
Mamma Mia (movie)
Dirty Dancing

I really wanted to see Fame and Spring Awakening when they were here in Melbourne, but alas.

Checking out my list, it seems I am a modern girl through and through when it comes to musicals. Maybe I haven't been exposed to enough of the classics.

How about you?

To take you out, here's a snippit from Legally Blond: The Musical. A bit manic, but so. Fun.




  1. Oh my God, yes. We totally share the same taste in musical theatre! I haven't seen In The Heights yet, but when it hits Melbourne I'm there.

    I saw Hairspray a few weeks back, and I've never been so awesome-d out by a musical. AMAZING. Also, my life dream is to see Wicked. One day...

  2. In The Heights is SO FREAKING GOOD! I hope it comes down under. I doubt whether it will though since it's very New York centric. Mind you, Rent is too. I was in the second row for Hairspray on the West End. Such a great night. :)


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