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Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Writing & Publishing Seminars in Melbourne!

Hello my lovelies,

The semester has begun again and as a free extra-bonus-awesome part of my Bachelor of Writing & Publishing, NMIT Fairfield are hosting free (to everyone) seminars with Publishing Professionals.

Last week's one was with Maree McCaskill and Jose Borghino from the Australian Publishers' Association was so incredibly fascinating so I recommend if you're in Melbourne you pop on over to The Chapel in NMIT Fairfield, Yarra Bend Rd Fairfield at Midday on Tuesdays if you can!
There is one in particular I am Squeeing with excitement about - the man who made me want to write in the first place, John Marsden is coming! John Marsden is coming!

Here's what's coming up:

12:00pm-1:00pm 1 March: Dale Campisi, Arcade Publishers
Dale is co-founder and Director of Arcade Publishers, a unique niche publisher that short reads about Australia's past: from eccentric entrepreneur EW Cole and infamous Queen of Harlotry Madame Brussels to comprehensive - if unconventional - histories of Melbourne itself, Aussie pinups and hoaxes across the nation and throughout the ages. Arcade also hosts events based around their publications such as the Mysterious, Marvelous and Historical Melbourne walking tours.

1:00pm-2:30pm Thursday 3 March: Sue Hines, Allen & Unwin
Sue is the Trade Director at Allen & Unwin, Sue started her publishing career at the independant publishing house McPhee Gribble. She was the managing editor during the period that the company was the powerhouse of Australian literary publishing and she worked with a range of fiction and non-fiction writers. She then moved to Reed Books to start their first paperback imprint and later went on to become the company's non-fiction and illustrated publisher, publishing many well-known authors during that time. In 1996 she moved to Allen & Unwin as the publisher of her own imprint and was appointed as trade publishing director in 2005.

12:00pm-1:00pm 8 March: Mary Russell, ANZ Society of Indexers
Mary is the President of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers. Mary will provide an overview of the skills required for different kinds of indexing including Bibliographic and database, Geneological, Georgraphical, Book, Legal, Periodical and newspaper, Pictorial indexing, Subject gateways, Website and metadata indexing. Phew!

3:00pm-4:00pm Thursday 17 March: John Marsden (Squee!!)
John Marsden has won every major writing award in Australia for young people's fiction, including the 2006 Lloyd O'Neil Award for contributions to Australian publishing. He was also nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2008, the world's largest children's and youth literature award, and the second largest literature prize in the world. His recent books include Home and Away, Hamlet: A Novel, A Roomful of Magic and the Tomorrow series, the first of which, Tomorrow When the War Began, was adapted for film by Stuart Beattie in 2010. Join John for a fascinating talk about his life, work and life's work.

Phew! That's enough for now, but I'll post again about how Bruce Shearer (Playwright and Senior Training Consultant for LexusNexis) is coming, as well as Cora Kipling (Senior Publicisit for Text Publishing), Helen Cerne (Writer and Manuscript Assessor), Jeff Sparrow (Overland), Lisa Dempster (Emerging Writers' Festival and Vignette Press) and Tim Pegler (Author and Journalist). They. Are. All. Coming.

NMIT Fairfield, Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield Victoria. Call Adelina Broglio on (03) 9269 1833 for more details.

Sairz out!


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  2. Thanks Suriya, glad you found it helpful. There's always stuff going on that I don't know about so I wanted to share what I DID know about. :)


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