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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Benefits of Bad Press (Or: The Rebecca Black Phenomenon)

Let's talk Rebecca Black.

You may have hard of a young singer who released a song recently called Friday which has been resoundingly and universally panned by pretty much everyone who listens to it.

From the heavily auto-tuned vocals (which to me indicate a lack of trust in the 13 year old's singing ability) to the depth challenged lyrics to the cheesy self-conscious video. Rebecca and the song are being mocked worldwide through the interwebs, social media, morning breakfast shows and a plethora of parody videos have been uploaded to YouTube by the general public who I'm gonna call..."less than fans".

All of this, man it's horrible for an adult so it's definitely a lot for a 13 year old to deal with, right?
All the above said, at the time of writing this blog, her music video on YouTube had received just under THIRTY NINE MILLION VIEWS. Granted, it's doubtful that they are all unique hits (for instance it's the second time I'd clicked over to it) but that is still MILLIONS of people AROUND THE WORLD (for instance, I'm in Australia) who know who this girl is.

She's getting bad press - yes.But everyone is talking about her.

Friday was produced with Ark Music Factory and I clicked onto a couple of their other new artists and actually found a couple I liked.
For instance, I do quite like this one.

It's a good pop song. So why aren't we talking about Alana Lee? The difference is, there are a lot of "good" pop songs out there. It's just one of many. There certainly isn't anything to hate about it so it's disappeared into the midlist, just one more to add to the saturation of "good" songs out there.

My point is, when Rebecca Black brings out her next single and video (and if she's smart she will have learned from all of the overly harsh criticism and created something great) the world will be watching and may even become fans.

Even with press as bad as this - I can certainly see the benefits.


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