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Friday, March 11, 2011

Editing or Meddling?

There comes a time when a writer just has to stop.

I am revising a manuscript at the moment. I have gone through and made the big changes - added chapters, taken out chunks and then I put it away for two weeks so that I could read it with fresh eyes. Hopefully work out whether my changes have made it better or worse.
So I am reading it again, and making more changes, cutting out sentences and paragraphs, changing the odd word here and there.
This means I am going to have to read it again to see if I have made it better or worse. And in that read through I expect I am going to find sections to add and put back, remove or replace and I'll rinse and repeat with the whole process.
There has to be a point in which I decide enough is enough. I have faith that this is the best it can be. I've revised this MS a couple of times in the past and each time it gets better, so...sometimes I just don't know. When is enough enough?



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  1. Man, if you work it out, let me know! My old history teacher used to say that when you reached the 'shifting commas' phase, it was time.

    If you want a reader or an overall/high level critique, let me know, happy to help. Happy to go more in depth than that, but might take several weeks. Could read through and provide thoughts quite quickly though, if it'd help!


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