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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New eBook release! The Witch's Curse

Happy Wednesday, blogophiles!

Since December my ebook sales have exploded and I'm thrilled and hope all you out there reading my books are enjoying them. If you're so inclined to write an honest review on Goodreads or the store you bought it from, I wouldn't hate it. :)

So guess what? You know that goal I had for 2012, in which I write 30 new ebooks?

Here's the first one!

In this new short supernatural thriller from Amazon Best Selling author Edwina Ray, when fifteen-year-old Alex is caught out in the secluded forest admiring the giant tree set in a moss-covered clearing, she is sure Josh is pulling a prank on her.

Be careful of the witch's curse, he says. The tree has the power to kill you in the most horrible of ways.

Alex didn't believe him.

Maybe she should have.

Now available for only .99c on Amazon US, UK, Spain, Italy and France!

Did you notice that 'best selling' thing? You did, huh? Well Edwina Ray is officially a best selling author, with The Runaway gracing the top 100 short stories lists on both the Amazon US and UK sites!

Rather exciting, that.

I have enrolled The Witch's Curse in Amazon's Kindle Lending Program for 3 months as an experiment, so unfortunately it is unavailable for other ereading devices at present. But never fear - all my other books are available, and The Witch's Curse is coming to Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, Itunes, Sony et al in April!

Next up, ebook-wise is a Sarah Billington YA romance set at summer camp in which Katy is totally crushing on the water sports counselor, Toby, and she's pretty sure he's crushing on her too. But then her friend Teeny announces that she likes Toby and enlists Katy and her campers to help her get him.

And for Edwina Ray, it's darker things indeed. In such a small town, it was little wonder that the night the Gabarski's house burned down the whole population turned out to watch it go. Luckily, no one was injured, however no one's seen Mr. Gabarski since that night.
Ryan likes the hint of danger and solitude he finds in the condemned home. Until the night he finds a dead body there. And the murderer knows what he found.

On that happy note, have a good night/day, everyone!



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