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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Witch's Curse: Free THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

I am thrilled to announce that The Witch's Curse, a short YA supernatural/thriller/horror by Edwina Ray is FREE on Kindle THIS WEEKEND. Saturday and Sunday 21-22 January 2012. That's USA time. So it's sort of free Saturday night-Monday morning Australian time if you're down here with me.

Grab your copy now!

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Why do you want this book exactly?

In this new short supernatural thriller from Amazon Best Selling author Edwina Ray, when fifteen-year-old Alex is caught out in the secluded forest admiring the ancient oak tree set in a clearing, she is sure Josh is pulling a prank on her.

Be careful of the witch's curse, he says. The tree has the power to kill you in the most horrible of ways.

Alex didn't believe him.

Maybe she should have.

Don't have an ereader? Don't need one. Go here for details.

Then go get the book! And tell all your book-loving friends! And leave a review if you're so inclined.

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