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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Death & Life of Rocky the Crab - FREE for 24 HOURS ONLY!

Go get it right now, people!

The hilarious story The Death & Life of Rocky the Crab is available for FREE. RIGHT NOW.

Even though I'm the author, I can say it's hilarious - wanna know why? Because it's based on true events! This ACTUALLY happened to someone I know.

Awesomesauce. Check it out if you're intrigued!

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Lisa was supposed to be pet sitting. Looking after a crab is easy, right? Unless you forget to feed it. And then you find it dead minutes before its owner is back in town. 
There's something a bit different about this dead crab though.


Short but sweet, The Death and Life of Rocky the Crab is an amusing look at a good deed gone wrong. Lisa volunteers to pet sit her friend's crab while he's away, but after failing to feed it the entire time, wakes up the day of her friend's return to find the crab has escaped and nearly died. In a chuckle-worthy confrontation with one pissed-off crab, Lisa--stuck under a bed with the crab--defends herself with kitchen tongs. Billington is talented at bringing a kind of slapstick humor to life on the page and yet keeping it real enough that readers can stay immersed in the story. The ending is unexpected and brings the story full circle in a way that makes it wholly satisfying.
Erin Fry (author of "Losing it", coming September 2012)

Lisa offers to pet-sit for Caleb's crab, Rocky. Big mistake. When Caleb calls to say he's coming over to reclaim Rocky, Lisa checks on the little fella, maybe for the first time. He was gone. The frenetic hunt that ensues is hilarious. And I love the irony of the ending. 

Sarah Billington is a creative storyteller whose tales will put a smile on your face...and maybe give you pause before you agree to pet-sit anything!

Gail Handler

As you were.



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