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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hidden New Jersey blog tour + INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

I met Hazel Mitchell at the Society of Childrens' Book Writers & Illustrators New York Conference in the freezing cold end of January, 2010.

I was a budding author, she was a budding illustrator, both of us making our way, hoping to break into the industry.

Fast forward two years, and Hazel has broken into the industry alright. In a BIG way. And it all started with an email she received while at that conference about a book which just so happened to become Hidden New Jersey!
I love that I was there at the beginning, though she didn't know it was the beginning of her professional life as an illustrator.


Written by Linda J. Barth (and I'm sure you're surprised to read it was illustrated by Hazel Mitchell), Hidden New Jersey by Charlesbridge/Mackinac Island Press is a great combination of picture book, history book and guide book, with poems and facts about New Jersey's history on each page. The text surrounds a multitude of lively illustrations with hidden objects to hunt for! It's sure to keep kids (and grown ups) enthralled, taking their time as they inspect every detail of each one.

But the best part is that when packing for a trip to New Jersey, you should totally pack this book and follow its suggestions, checking out the places mentioned and learning the history as you go.

Hidden New Jersey is available in both HARDCOVER and PAPERBACK. Here's a little linkage to check it for yourself on Amazon.

And you wanna know what else is cool?


Hazel is giving away a SIGNED paperback copy of Hidden New Jersey, and the giveaway is open internationally!

Just enter with Rafflecopter below. Now, this is my first time using Rafflecopter so DO let me know in the comments if there are any kinks, okay? Giveaway is open for ONE WEEK. So get your entries in by FEB 17 2012!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Linda J. Barth is a retired fourth-grade teacher who lives in Somerville, New Jersey. She is very active in the Canal Society of New Jersey, one of the largest historical societies in the state. Hazel Mitchell has illustrated over 12 children's books including All-Star Cheerleaders in the Tick Tock Taylor Series, Why am I Here?, and Sabu and Me which was awarded Creative Child Magazines's Picture Book of the Year in 2010. Hazel lives in Detroit, Michigan.

Have at it, peeps!

Love Sairz

Review copy provided by illustrator.


  1. Cool giveaway :)
    I think there should be a book about a Hidden Ireland... Beautiful place. I think it's underrated :)
    Thanks for the chance to enter


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