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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jumping Through Hoops: OR The EASIER Way International Self Publishers can get PAID.

Since I started publishing short stories and one novel (so far) in April last year, I have sold lots of ebooks. Though I don't know the exact numbers (I really should crunch some) I'm pretty sure I've sold around 1,000 on Amazon and 500 through other channels (though it appears Smashwords were giving away a lot through distribution channels so don't know what's going on there). Anyhoo it's been terribly exciting watching the numbers go up.

But nearly a year later, I still have not seen a cent from it.

Partly, this is my fault. The whole process for an international author to get paid is a giant headache, in which you need a US ITIN number and the process of applying for one could drive anyone to madness.
To get paid as an indie, you must jump through firey hoops of death

As a fan of what little sanity I have, I haven't bothered yet. But I'm getting to the point where my sales are rising each month and it would be nice to be financially rewarded for my efforts. Ready to jump through hoops, I happened upon a short cut.


You just need to make a 10 minute international phone call and send one form each to your distributors (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, CreateSpace et al) and voila. You're ready to get paid WITHOUT copping the IRS's 30% cut.

Check out this information board in which JamieSEO has provided some SUPER helpful information. For reals.

It's worth your time.
Now if only my phone carrier would let me make a freaking international call...



  1. Wha... Wha...? WHAT?? Okay, I am on that info board RIGHT NOW!! I've got all the stuff ready to send to the states to sort out my ITIN - went through all the process of actually figuring out what one is, and if I'm allowed one etc. Now the stuff has been sitting around for ages, because I have to send my passport off with it! And I kind of need my passport, being, you know, a travel writer and all...|I've just moved into a new place and used it to prove my ID to my landlord. Next it ges sent back (from Oz) to the UK to sort out a driving license so I can drive here... and THEN it's scheduled to be posted off to the states, to get my loverly 30% back from Amazon. If this way is quicker... well, I'll owe you a cut :0)
    Cheers Sarah!

    1. You're welcome, Tony! And no, you won't owe me a cut, WE'LL owe JAMIESEO a cut! :)


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