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Monday, March 19, 2012

What I've been doing lately

Hello lovelies!

I feel like I've been neglecting this poor blog lately.
You poor, poor readers.

Well I have been up to lots and lots lately. How about you? Here is a break down of my lately.

I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful writers lately, and help them shape and polish their manuscripts, business and sales copy. I'm really excited to see the finished products! It's so rewarding when all of the hours of heavy-duty analysis and thought that I put into a writer's work (I simply can't do a half-arsed job on editing. I edit HARD because as a writer myself, I'm passionate for writers to succeed and achieve their dreams because it's so important to ME) ends up with a testimonial like this:

"Just went through the editorial letter and, before I start the revision process AGAIN, I wanted to pause to say wow, wow, wow. Hot damn, woman! You are GOOOOOOD and worth every penny. I LOVE love love your ideas. I didn't see even one suggestion that I didn't want to use. I would never publish a book without putting it through you first. Cuz I ain't stupid :-)"
Veronica Blade,
Author of A Bite's Tale, Blind Date, From Fame to Shame and others.

Gotta tell ya, it makes a girl feel good. :)


Lots of reviewers and bloggers are getting ready to read, or are reading my May 15 release The Kiss Off as we speak! I'm REALLY looking forward to the blog tour and am so thankful to Missy's Reads & Reviews for hosting it. Make sure you comment throughout it in order to win the complete Sarah Billington ebook prize pack! And if you're on Goodreads, add it to your TBR!

I am working on some new eBooks!

(These are NOT even remotely official blurbs)

The Summer Camp awkward URST book
Jenna made fast friends with Toby at camp and sorta kinda is completely crushing on him. But then her friend Leila enlists Jenna (and her campers) to get her crush to notice her. Her crush, who is Toby. So Jenna is forced to help Leila win over the boy she likes.

Saturday Night Series - 10 interconnected stories
One epic party. 10 BUCKETLOADS of drama.
Want to know why there was food all over the kitchen in ANDIE's story? Read LOCKY's. Want to know what that thump and commotion was outside in MING's story? Read KENDALL's. Want to know who made BREE cry while everyone plays "I Never" in the bedroom in CAITIE's story? Read BREE's. Want to know WHY he made her cry? Read ZACH's.
Reading one is fun, but the goss is juicier if you read them all.
Includes fun cameos from characters from The Kiss Off!


Plague book
An unknown, lethal virus runs through a small isolated village and the elders put the villagers into quarantine so as not to infect outsiders and create a pandemic. But, as no one from the outside even knows the village is in trouble, the quarantine means assured death. A desperate brother and sister are determined to get out and find help. But at what cost?

Traitor story
In a time of uprising, the day of Eve's attempted escape across the border, there is a traitor is loose in the city of Hafrenstein. A traitor whose botched attempt at blowing up parliament has brought about martial law, the military and tanks in the street, tanks that are blowing up any building that traitor Wyatt Monroe is suspected of hiding in. When Wyatt appears on Eve's fire escape, she and her children are forced to run with Wyatt and hope they make it out alive*.
(That description is most DEFINITELY a work in progress)

NEW WEBSITE! Tres excitement. It's a work in progress, and will be moved to in about a month, and SOON you'll be able to purchase ebooks direct from the website - you CAN read the first chapter and pre-order The Kiss Off there RIGHT NOW!

Sign up now (or whenever) and the adorable postman monkey will send you news of new books! And that's all. Maybe news of sales if you'd like that too. Sign up here or on my fancy new website! (did I mention I have a website?)

I was so lucky to be invited to a special International Women's Day dinner for 20 inspirational women who are achieving great things in their lives (how honoured am I? VERY VERY HONOURED). With that sort of condition on the guest list, you can imagine the amazingly brilliant types of ladies I was mingling with.
Fascinating people, business owners, charity workers, international charity volunteers and two of them (actually I think there were more) founded their own international charity organisations and subsequently education institutions in Nepal, Cambodia and South Africa. These women are in their twenties. It makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life...
Oh! And my favourite part is that a girl (woman now) I went to high school was there, and she has literally run away to join the circus! I LOVE IT! I'm going to go visit.

I took part in the Smashwords week-long sale, offering Life Was Cool the full-length middle grade novel for 99c and the short story The Death & Life of Rocky the Crab for FREE!

This weekend just gone past, for St. Paddy's day, as intimated from my last post, I took part in a big eBook sale with 26 other authors which was very exciting and a lot of fun. I'm so glad I could take part. I'm raising the price back to $3.99 on the 19th so GET IT NOW IF YOU WANTS IT.

And my class this semester is a Literary Theory one. I'm not a fan of theory, I DO find it interesting and it makes me think about literature in different ways, but I don't like it BECAUSE I HAVE THE WORST MEMORY FOR THIS STUFF EVER.
So it's going to be a challenging semester, that's for sure. Though something kinda rad is that we're going to study Pontypool...a freaking ZOMBIE movie in this class.


I have been waiting impatiently for this movie to be released and it's coming out on Thursday! Actually, it sorta feels like The Hunger Games went from pre-production to cinema release a lot faster than most movies. Doesn't it?

I have plans to see it with my friend who lives out in the sticks at the moment, on March 31...but I don't know if I can wait that long. She'll never know if I see it with her for the SECOND TIME, right? I also love that I have successfully created a die-hard HG fan out of one of my university tutors! Tee hee.

That was a lot...are you still reading? Well how awesome are YOU?

So what's YOUR lately been like?


  1. I have totally seen a movie by myself before and then pretended I did when I went a second time with friends...should I admit that on the internet?!

  2. Ha! I hope you got away with it! And no, you shouldn't have. Your secret's out now...FOREVER!

  3. I'm feeling tired just reading that...what are you on and where can I buy it...hehehehe

  4. Ha! It makes me tired toooooo.
    As for what I'm on, lack of sleep, baby. Lack. Of. Sleep.


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