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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Short, Sassy & Scary! Available Now!

Hello most excellent ones!

I have NEWS. Firstly I got out of suburbia this weekend and headed to the country to visit one of my bestest friends in Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia.

On the way there, I had to pull over and take a photo of the sunset because it was absolutely beautiful.

But then I looked at the photo, and it makes me think I seem to have survived the apocalypse. Don't you think? Yowza.

I seem to have gotten into the WORST ROUTINE EVER and am wide awake and working at 6am these days, so while my friend was sleeping off the end of the school term (she's an English teacher, who, I discovered today, yells homework assignments at her students as they walk past her down the street. I think all three of us - the student, the teacher and I - were horrified at this development), for a couple of hours before she got up I was hard at work on what I have to say is my favourite scene so far of the The Kiss Off book two. 

And. AND. New books alert!

Well. Sort of new. I have bundled three of my short contemporary young adult titles into the Sarah Billington Short & Sassy Collection: Volume One, and a mixed bag of four of my scary stories into the Sarah Billington Short & Scary Collection: Volume One.


Pretty, yes? And by buying in bulk, it's cheaper for YOU, and I make more money. Win-win, right? 

AND though I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover for my middle grade novel Life Was Cool Until You Got Popular, I can't use it for the print edition which IS BEING MADE AND WILL HOPEFULLY BE AVAILABLE WITHIN 6-8 WEEKS.

And though I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover up there, I SUPER LOVE the new cover. For realz. And you'll see it soon, I promise.

That's it from me for now. How about you?


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