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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am a Tool

Okay, so yeah - I had 2 things to do today, right? And one of them involved leaving the house. GET HANGERS.

Well I was woken up at 10:47am this morning - the indignity of such an early call, don't you think? I've learnt to do a lot of throat clearing before answering when I've been a lazy bum and slept in - otherwise you get caught out, and it's embarassing.

Anyhoo, woopee! The DVD I ordered came in so I decided I'd head to Traralgon, might as well drop in those job applications I'd been meaning to do on the way.

So since my printer has the paper jam from hell, I called my friend Dave and asked if I could pop around and print them off, it was on the way.

So off I went and he, his mate Ross and I had a good laugh - he too, is obsessed with, and I sat there in awe as Ross played some songs on his guitar, and Dave sang along. Ross taught himself in under a year. And he's good and everything. Bastard.
I was learning the drums a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it, but I didn't practice enough. And I'm a bit unko. And I'm stupidly conscientious of other people - there's only one volume setting on drum kits. And that's Really F-ing Loud!

Anyway, so that done I toddled off to Trags, bought my DVD, handed over my CV with a smile and decided to fin'd the library while I was there. I'd been meaning to do it and I never go to Traralgon. And that whole buying books to read the popular authors and see how they do it can get really expensive...

So I found the library, joined it, headed back through Morwell - dropped off another CV (in a shopping centre, the significance of which was totally missed on me while I was there), headed back toward home, singing along to the RENT! soundtrack, dropped off one more CV and got back home, feeling proud of myself for getting so much done when really I only had one thing I was planning to do out of the house today.

When I opened my bedroom door and saw the huge pile of clothes lying on the floor beside my bed (they were on the bed yesterday ready for putting away, but erm...I had nothing to hang them with)...This is when I remembered: "Oh yeah, the thing I was leaving the house for WASN'T picking up my was coat hangers."

Refer to the title of this blog.

I don't wanna go out again. Yes, the sun may be out but Winter has created a force field around us that is repelling all warmth it might be trying to lay down.

I hate Winter.

Think I'm gonna go read one of my library books. Then I'll get back to writing MY book. When do you work best? I'm better at night, but not like night that is actually early early morning night. You know what I mean?

Since I'm in a bit of a downer, here's something to perk me back up!

Like I needed a reason...




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