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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ugly Betty & those Mother Fu**ing Snakes on a Plane

I started watching Ugly Betty when it first started on TV, and was really hooked, loved the show.

But then when you get really busy and forget to tape an episode to watch, and then forget the next week and you're a couple of weeks behind...or you DID tape it but never watched it and it's been a month and you've sorta lost the passion for the show...well that happened to me with Ugly Betty, way back when.

However, I have just had an Ugly Betty marathon, I'm all caught up, and can I just say - how much do I love Henry, the Accountant. He's adorable and goofy and just the kinda guy I want one day. Though I could do without all of the embarrassing conversations, and oh my God, Henry and Betty - King and Queen of cuteness and bad timing, don't you reckon? But yeah. Screw the hot guys, like Daniel etc.

Henry's my man. Phwoar.

You know how people say to be confident, that's what others look for? Well I sure as hell don't! Confidence can be intimidating. Especially if you reckon they're good looking.
I say be a wall flower, look a little uncomfortable and voila, that'll make ME more confident! :)

And I love how passionate he is about maths. Passion about something is so awesome, I reckon. People just light up when they talk about it!

Be passionate about something, people.
Anyhoo, I was also gonna blog about Snakes on a Plane, which I just finished watching half an hour ago (My sister visited me today on her way through to our parents place for a couple of days and I decided to tag along, so there's a whole lot of lying in bed, cuddling my doggies, watching movies going on. And napping. There's lots and lots of napping. But yeah - movies.
I had heard Snakes on a Plane was quite comical etc. There was so much hype about it when it came out in 2006. Well. Can I just say, if you're already just a bit afraid of snakes (as in the idea of them is scary, but you haven't come into contact with one that wants to kill you, so you have no real reason to be scared. Like spiders, those teeny tiny little insects like a billion times smaller than you that make some of us run screaming from the room. Or call a man - any man - in to get rid of it cos you don't want to get too close. But I mean, it's not like that's ME I'm talking about...I'm just saying.) So yeah, if you're a bit scared of snakes to start with, then perhaps Snakes on a Plane is not for you. There was just a bit too much death and carnage for my liking. Well - no, I can handle my horror movies. But I guess I wasn't expecting it so much from this one. Like when I watch Rescue Dawn sure. I'll be prepared then.

I'm not gonna go into how it was a bit formulaic - as in 'Yes! We're safe! The snakes are trapped downstairs (with all the dead people and the dude being swallowed by an anaconda) we just have to wait it out until we land!' and moments later: ' Oh. Okay, so the pilots are both dead and we're kind of crashing.' You know what I mean? Erm. Sorry. Spoiler...back there.

Alright well that's it from me.

Enjoy your weekend!



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