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Friday, June 27, 2008

School formals and proms and stuff

Afternoon all,

I am slowly slowly becoming positively nocturnal. By the time Uni starts back I'll be sleeping all day and up and about and writing all night. Man, it's gonna be a tough couple of weeks back.

Anyhoo, I'm blogging today about what I'm writing about.
And I'm WRITING about getting ready for the school formal/prom, whatever you wanna call it. Actually, is a prom a different thing altogether? Like with a parade, and a king and queen etc. Or have I watched too many movies?

In Australia we just have boring old formals, and writing about it is sort of taking me back to the anxiety and stupidity I felt when going to one, and organising to go to one. Like why did I INSIST I wanted to go alone? Cos I was going just cos I felt it was something I SHOULD do, to have a proper high school experience, and I didn't want to make it a weird night for someone else, while I sat back and observed and shook in sheer terror at the idea of getting on the dance floor?
And felt stupid all dressed up and stuff?
I had a friend who would have loved to go with me, I'd organised for his twin brother to take a friend of mine, but I didn't even THINK of adding him to my arm and table and stuff. Pfft. I sucked as a teenager.

So writing about this and those sort of feelings in my book has been bringing up a bit of anxiety in me, which is stoooopid. I mean, it's not going to happen to me again, or anything!
Hmm. But it is going to happen to one of my characters. She's convinced herself that she doesn't want to go to the formal anyway, and then at the last minute this great guy asks her, and she actually starts getting excited about it...and then he stands her up. He's not a cruel guy, he has some problems of his own...but *cries* maybe this is why I'm getting anxious. I know it's COMING. And I like her. Why am I doing it to her then? Unfortunately...cos I have to.

Sigh. Stupid dances.

On a brighter note - I bought hangers!



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