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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Losing my phone. Again.

I hadn't even gotten out of bed this morning and realised my phone was not beside me. I use it as a clock and since it wasn't there, I remembered I hadn't actually seen it since I got home yesterday. Or heard it.

So I scrounged around in my bag. No. Braved the wind and trekked to my car and had a good ol' looksy in there. Nope. I did however find some longlasting Gobstoppers (which SO don't last long) under the car seat, as well as a teeny little roll on perfume I bought - a fake of Cool Water which smells really nice when you put it on but the smell's gone by the time it dries gads. My EFT card!

It was under the car seat. How it fell out of my bag AND wallet and slid back there I'll have no idea. But I found it before I knew it was missing, which deducts a bit of anxiety and heart ache so I reckon I came out on top, right?

But there was no phone.

So back inside, I found one of my house mates up and she rang my phone whilst I dug around in the ever growing pile of clothes by my bed. There was no noise coming from my room - but apparently it was ringing.

So I took her phone out to the car, just to double check and voila! My phone was ringing and vibrating and flashing indignantly at me from the rubbish bag. Thank cripes there wasn't anything really icky in there, and I hadn't decided to piff it out between yesterday and now.

So my phone is home and happily charging away, and my EFT card is sitting beside me, about to be taken home to to my wallet, and I'm smelling all Cool Water fresh!...for now.

Ta ta!



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