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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simon Pegg. Need I say more?

Two days ago, I was going through my checklist. I'd had a study group for the exam this monday, I'd done some writing, I'd sworn at photoshop but then blessed its cotton sox as I managed to create something half way decent, I officially have a web site now, well, I have the domain but the content is still coming. I've been busy. Check check check check check. So I decided to stop ignoring my house mates (some of which when they are bored or procrastinating like to come into my room and throw things at my head - you know who you are) and go out to a movie.

So we, plus some of our neighbours went and saw How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Simon Pegg. Need I say more?

I mean look at this.

Okay - don't look at this. It seems that maybe my computer or Blogger - I'm hoping blogger, for my sake - is having a bit of a tanty when it comes to putting in pictures at the moment. I actually tried to do this post last night but it did the same thing when I pushed the image button. It sort of stopped and went "Like...whaaaaaat?" and stayed there blinking at me stupidly for the rest of the night. Completely forgot I was trying to post a picture, let alone an actual blog. Wasn't even "Not responding" or anything. But believe me. It was not responding.

So pretend you saw a funny picture of Simon Pegg, being the every man he plays so well. He's full of awesomeness.

Well Photoshop is looking at me with a touch less disdain today, as it's starting to train me in how to use it. I think I've made a couple of good items for the website which will be up and running some time before the end of the year. I hope. I'm going to the library today to get a book along the lines of "web site building for dummies". Because I am indeed its target reader.

Last night was the booklaunch of Offset Literary Journal which, though it's sad to say I find book launches boring, it is in fact the truth. However the contributors who got up and read samples of their work (which are inside the book) were actually pretty amazing. I was very impressed with the company I'm keeping inside it's covers.

Unfortunately for me, the book launch was held at a Readings bookstore and I found a bunch of books by favourite authors Sarra Manning and Rachel Cohn that I haven't been able to find anywhere, so my bank account grumbled a bit when I left. Hehe. Oops. But I'm gonna have a great time reading them when I get a chance.

Watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (perks of working at a video shop) and though it's not as good as the book, I say they did a good job. I just love Louise Rennison's vocabulary, and I make an effort to make my teen voice as full of flavour and juicy goodness as I feel she achieves.

I got some passport photos done yesterday, which turned out horribly. My mum says that if you look like your passport photo, then they know you need a holiday! I need them for my application for study abroad next year, and fingers crossed, when approved will need them for an actual passport too. Woo!

Got my summer job back, starts in December, so I get a 2 week break between finishing my other job, to starting my new one. The break will be much appreciated. Especially since it's the second half of Nov and I can NaNo like crazy.

Have nearly got my submission package complete for "Life was cool until you got popular" for the Girlfriend Fiction books that Angus and Robertson do. They're expecting it too. I just have to write the synopsis and then off it goes. It's huge too. 156 pages is a whole bucket load of paper (not tested with actual buckets).

Lastly, at midnight last night, NaNo began. I was up and at em until 10:50pm, but I've had such long, tiring days that I decided: Bugger it. I'm not starting at midnight. So I went to bed, got up at 9am this morning, mentally cracked my fingers (didn't ACTUALLY crack my fingers cos it grosses me out and I have a friend who does it all the time, but he does it to relieve pressure, so I pretend it doesn't gross me out and he pretends he doesn't realise it grosses me out. I think he got the better deal) and got to work.

I wrote 2,055 words in an hour and twenty minutes. I'm pretty happy with that progress. And I'm over the 1,667 word minimum daily requirement. Yay! And I'm gonna do some MORE writing later. Hopefully I can build up a surplus on the word count for the days I fall behind and loathe and hate it and can't think of anything to write.
Cos I know they're coming.

But considering it's still not Nov 1 in America (and I know this because I can't upload my word count yet and feel all full of awesomeness because I'm over the word count), and I've started already - is that cheating? Cos it IS November in Australia...

Leaving you with that thought,



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