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Monday, November 3, 2008

Exams are over!

I had my last exam today. Just got back ten minutes ago with a big ol' grin on my face. Yes, twas harder than anticipated. Actually really different to the past 2 years exams that we used as practice material. But oh well. It's over! I'm confident I passed. So the Uni year has officially finished and will be celebrated with a shin dig at ours on Thursday. Plus a house-crawl of all the other houses having parties that night. After work. I have work until ten-thirty, but jeez louise, these are uni student's your talking about. The party'll just be beginning!
I have plans to - for the first time ever - get a bit trashed. So we'll see. I'll have some catching up to do, that I know.

NaNo is going well, I'm a day ahead of schedule, having written 5,100 words in 2 days. I'm trying to KEEP ahead of schedule, for the inevitable day I just can't get any written because of commitments or the muse refusing to cooperate.

Kore and I are nearly 10,000 words into our collaborated piece, and it's going strong. We're getting into our stride and it's turning out pretty well.

I'm staying on res until the end of November now, as my summer job doesn't start back until december sometime. Better being here where I can NaNo in peace, than in the temporary accomodation my parents are at, while the house is (STILL!) getting fixed from the fire. They keep pushing the end date back, but I'm HOPING we'll be in by Christmas. We should, right?

Anyhoo, lots of writing and celebrating to do. In that order, unfortunately.

Til next time, ma cheries,



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