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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fan Fiction and stuff

Wow have I been busy the last week. But in a good way.

Uni is over, I'm almost the last person left in our house on Res - Arj is half out and he's gone to melbourne for the weekend, so it's nice being alone for a bit, and I'm moving back to the parentals on Monday. Got some heavy lifting and cleaning to do. And packing.

Been in Melbourne seeing friends and doing a hell of a lot of driving, which has tuckered me out significantly, but the friends part was fantastic. I love my people.

Still having trouble with the website, but I'm that little bit closer to getting it up. I'm floundering in a lot of unchartered waters at the moment, with photoshop and web design and html, ftp and pah! (Pah's not one, that's me just going "pah!".

I'm doing super fantabulous with my NaNo, I'm just the teeniest bit behind word count, like a thousand words or so but I'm SO catching up tonight. That's not bad for having taken 2 days off writing so far this month, and I'm STILL hanging in there. Twenty thousand words in 13 days - even I'M impressed with myself.

But mostly I'm impressed with winning the Melbourne Libraries Fan Fiction competition. Yay me!
I'd never written it before and I got my Vic Writers Centre newsletter in my email and saw the comp listed so I decided why not? I'd just been reading Louise Rennison's "Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging" (the movie version, so it was 2 books in 1. There's some value!) and was SO impressed with Louise's writing voice. Georgia Nicolson is so funny it's insane. So I gave it a go, writing Georgia, and the fan fiction theme was Zombies. So of COURSE I had to make Angus come home rather zombie like. And the judges liked it! I'm pretty proud of it, actually. I think I did a good job capturing her voice.

It'll be up on the libraries web site when they've done their upgrades, and I'll put it up on mine too when...I get mine up. I'll work on that tonight too. After NaNo.

But as for now, I must go shopping. I totally have my priorities in order.



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