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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cursive Scripts - New Literary Journal Open for Submissions!

I am a committee member of a new Literary Journal called Cursive Scripts and we are open to submissions!

General Submissions

Submission Deadline 20 April, 2010

# Works Must be Under 500-3000 words

#Open to any submissions - Fiction, Non-fiction, poetry, all genres!

# We are currently only accepting general submissions in English. If you would like to submit in a language other than English a translation must be made available. Please contact us before submission

# Non-discriminatory language is mandatory.

# Defamatory content will not be accepted

# Words considered a proprietary term or trade mark must use the symbol � or TM.

# The author must have copyright of the manuscript/s submitted.

# Works must be submitted in MS Word format. Computer facilities available. See below

# Submissions must be sent via email attachment to cursivescripts at gmail . com

Author Copyright, Payment and Privacy
# Authors will not be paid.

# Submissions will not be returned.

# All authors selected for publishing will receive a hard copy of the publication.

# The Author retains full copyright of their work.

Looking forward to reading your submissions. Good luck!



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