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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I forgot to mention something.

So um, about a month ago I visited my parents and they had some mail waiting for me. I had no clue what it could be and then I opened up the several pages in the envelope and saw the letterhead for the Fellowship of Australian Writers. And then I remembered that while I was in England I had entered their Awards competition, in the Children's Literature section with a YA story about peer pressure at a party, called Life was easier when boys were stupid. That was months ago and since then I had essays and exams, a trip to Wales, SNOW!, Christmas and New Year's Eve in Scotland, a week of the West End (and other stuff) in London, a 3 flight, 30-40 hour trip home to Australia for 10 days before leaving again for New York for a week, then home again and moving into my new place in Melbourne, starting my new University course (which I'm loving) starting my new novel (which I'm also loving), dealing with a ghost and a new housemate (the ghost has gone into hiding now there's a boy in the house) basically what I'm saying is I forgot about it.

So I opened that envelope and the piece of paper said things like "congratulations" and "winner" so I said. "Oh my God." and my mum asked "what?" and I answered: "Oh my God."

Last night was the Awards night and I went along to pick up my Certificate (and prize money! WOO! I'm putting it toward a netbook. I'm soon going to be one of those writers who sits in cafes and alternates between staring at the wall and frowning at her computer.) Justine Larbalestier won an award for her book Liar, as well so I feel I was in good company.

It will be nice to be out in the world a bit more. I've been very much a home body write write writing my novel, short story for my fiction class, book proposal for my publishing class and non fiction articles for my erm... non fiction class. I'm all about the writing. I would also like to be all about the world which I know is out there somewhere, happening without me.

So last night I received my award, and this morning I opened my email to find a short story I submitted was accepted for publication in England.

Good end to an exhausted no sleep filled, burnt out week.

Attempting to refuel now. And these types of news help.

Ciao for now,



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