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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Melancholy Middles

I am a bit glum at the moment. Which is weird cos I was totally UNglum a week ago. My book was going SUPERBLY. I was on track, loving writing it. All was right in my little writing bubble.

And then this happened.

I hit the middle. And I started doubting myself, and asking questions.
Am I writing the right thing? Am I sustaining the plot and not going off on a tangent having too much fun writing cool scenes that really don't progress the plot? At least not in the right direction.

The middle is HARD. The start is great, I can picture it easily, know exactly what's going on and how to set up my story. The end is there! I know how my character grows and what she's going to do. But how she gets there?

Like I said. The middle is hard. The middle is giving me the finger. Which finger, you ask?


Fingers clearly know how to do middles. Fingers make middles really strong. Middle fingers have something to say and say it they will.

I'm thinking a lot about book structure at this point, and I'm writing through the melancholy middles.

I'm talking out my plot problems with whoever will listen, and going for my mental health/plotting walks. Walking around in circles does wonders for my plotting skills. Just the act of forward motion seems to do the trick. Even if I do keep getting back to the start.

So anyway. Melancholy middles. Once I get over this hump it will be easier, smoother (and faster!) sailing again.

How do YOU handle bumps in your writing road?


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