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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to the real world

Alas, the long weekend is over and it's back to the real world. Did everybody have a good long weekend? How did the Easter Bunny treat you, or did you double your haul with the after-Easter sales?

And Happy Zombie Jesus Day! I hadn't heard that one before and you gotta admit, if you think about it, he DID rise from the dead, right?

I was going to add an image of Zombie Jesus but all the ones I found were all kinds of icky, so I decided to spare you.

How hard has it been to get back into the swing of things for you? Me? It has been TRES HARD. But I have. All that sleep while I was away was a godsend.

I finished that assignment I'd totes forgotten was due over Easter (ha...oops), I'm back into the writing every day habit, upping my word count each day and working out those plot problems that have been plaguing me for the last couple of weeks, and today I've been applying for a couple of Fellowships in order to go to pretty surroundings with the sole intention got it...WRITING.

The real world is busy, am I right? I study at University part time, I have a part time job and a casual job, I've been going to the gym, editing, formatting, designing covers for and uploading my ebooks as well as doing some freelance editorial. Oh yeah, and writing when it's possible. So a Fellowship sounds like heaven to me.

Do you find that life gets in the way of what you REALLY want to do (whatever it may be), sometimes? Have you ever been on a retreat? Was it awesome? Tell me tell me tell me.

Keep it real my peeps,

Love Sairz


  1. Good luck with your Fellowship applications!
    I have never been on a retreat but would love to one day ...I too lead a very busy life (I work full time, have two kids involved in sports after school, run my website, need to read & write book revies for the website, plus all the usual household stuff like making sure we have food and clean clothes!). Having nothing to do but write would be pure bliss.
    Best of luck. I hope to read a blog post soon about how you were selected!

  2. Thanks Sally, I hope to WRITE a blog post about how I was selected soon!


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