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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A small (but significant) change

You MAY have noticed that the blog has a new name. It's no longer about Sairz That Writer Chick, but is The Sarah Billington Blog.

'Why?' you ask? Or maybe you're thinking more along the lines of 'Yo dawg, wassup wit' dat?'

Well let me break it down for you homie, I used to be Sarah the writer. I was aiming for publication and that was that, really.

But nowadays, I believe I have a lot more to offer. As countless writers are, I'm a bit of an introvert in real life. I find it hard telling people how brilliant I am, that I'm good at what I do. I cringed just writing that, actually.

But aside from being Sairz that writer chick, I am also a freelance editor, having worked on sales copy, academic journals, novels and short stories. I am an eBook formatter. I formatted my own and have the skills and know-how to do it for you too.
Do you like my ebook covers? I designed them myself and had a whole lot more fun than I thought I would in doing so.

I am a multi-skilled multi-tasker.

Though not as multi-tasking as this chick.

I still identify myself first and foremost as a writer. That's who I am. I am thrilled to be testing the shiny new publishing opportunities available through eBookstores with some works, while others, my agent and I are finding the puuuurfect home for with traditional publishing houses.

But eBook formatting, cover designing and editorial are all things I can DO. And do well.

And it's about time I acknowledge that I, Sarah Billington, gots me some skillz.

Email me at SairzBillington at gmail dot com with details of your project for a quote.




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